to be succesful on the blog exercise…

– I am writing to you again to ask you about your opinion for some of my ideas concerning my blog.
I decided to choose the topic to be a bit original and interesting for everybody.


to be succesful in the exercise,
your blog should have these priorities:

a) to be well done
b) to be consistent
c) to be fed on a regular base
d) to be interesting for some specific people
e) to be original

please note that to be original is not on top of the list.

upon my humble opinion,
the world goes wrong because most of the people try to be original without knowing what they are doing.

to say that you want to be interesting to everyone
is equal to say that you want to be interesting to no one.

i don’t want to be nice to everyone.
i want to be nice to some specific people.
if i want to be nice to everyone,
i won’t be nice at all (my plan is too ambitious and i cannot succeed).


(Image on top: Supernormal exhibition, Jasper Morrison, Naoto Fukasawa, 2006)

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